Allen Ray

Allen Ray has years of experience as a distribution business owner and in information systems. He has also been a marketer of product data and  is currently a consultant to distributors, advising clients on how to stop  profit leakage and grow their bottom line. You can contact him at

Private-Label Pachyderm vs. Generic Godzilla
Over the past year, we've written extensively regarding the advent of private labeling in the electrical industry. We've surveyed and interviewed distributors,
The Rep's Ride on the 5-Ton Elephant
The advent of private labeling and the growth of no-name products are creating a squeeze for independent manufacturers' representatives. Some distributors,
Customers Speak Out on the Industry's Five-Ton Elephant
Private labeling has become a hot topic in the electrical wholesaling industry over the past few months, and Electrical Wholesaling's series of articles
Four Myths & Realities of Private Labeling
Before distributors consider private labeling, they must first understand all of the issues, including liability, the trade-offs of inheriting the role
The 5-Ton Elephant Returns
Part three of this series on private labeling explores the manufacturers' perspective on this controversial industry practice.
The 5-Ton Elephant Returns
In the first part of The 5-Ton Elephant, (EW Jan., p. 28), we shared some results of our distributor survey on private labeling. This month we'll share
The 5-Ton Elephant
Private labeling has always been that 5-ton elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Everyone always knew it was occurring and some distributors have private-labeled portions of their product line for years, but few people were willing to talk openly about it. That may be changing.
E-Biz Forum Report
The Electro E-Biz Forum 2006 held last month in Long Beach, Calif., captured the imagination of the electrical wholesaling industry's biggest e-biz supporters
The Paper Trail Continues
Electrical distributors buy hard goods in bulk, break them into smaller quantities and add credit and customer service to generate value and profits.
Paper Trail
It really makes no difference if electrical contractors bid on and build new construction or have a fleet of service trucks, because they are choking
Consolidation: Changing the Landscape
The times are a changing. While the industry has benefited from commodity price inflation, a rebound in industrial MRO expenditures, significant residential
The Power of Clean Data
Challenged by price-matrix management, many electrical distributors' profit levels drop year after year. They have fallen victim to out-of-control profit
Although most electrical distributors with less than $25 million in annual sales expect business to grow over the next five years, many aren't sure exactly
The High Cost of Low Profits
The world of an electrical distributor with less than $25 million in annual sales is changing fast. With net margins down to their lowest in years and


10 Trends Now Shaking the Electrical Industry Webinar

10 Trends Now Shaking the Electrical Industry Webinar 2

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
The North American electrical wholesaling industry is being rocked by mergers & acquisitions, advances in technology, new competition from offshore and an uncertain economy. In this 60-minute webinar, Electrical Wholesaling Chief Editor Jim Lucy will discuss the changes in the electrical market now having the most impact on electrical distributors, electrical manufacturers and independent manufacturers’ reps....More
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