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Lighting Systems with Superpowers 
Some interesting examples of new thinking in lighting-system-based controls and networks have come our way recently, and here’s a roundup of some of the highlights we think provide a clue of where such technologies may take the industry.
Bulletin Board 
Ideas, finds and resources: charitable events, contests, new promotions, anniversaries and grand openings from around the electrical industry.
Battling the Bigs: Online giants move into the electrical distributor's space 
AmazonSupply and Google Shopping for Suppliers are not going to put electrical distributors out of business, or not many of them, anyway. Some distributors will suffer — mostly those who stake their business on a niche that can be served from afar and refuse to adapt.
Light-Emitting Disruption: How LEDs are changing commercial lighting  5
The opportunities created by LED lighting technologies have already been disruptive. The real change will ultimately be seen in the altered business models of the various players who bring lighting to market.
Finding the Fast Track 
A new customer-experience team at Schneider Electric is taking some risks and pushing the speed to develop new quote-building software for its customers.
Map of United States showing percent-change sales forecasts for each region.
2014 Market Planning Guide 
As you develop your market forecast for 2014, factor in another year of steady growth. Pump the growth up a point or two if Congress gets its act together and business owners start investing in their businesses again.
Counterfeits in the Electrical Market: The Fight Goes On 
The fight to stop the manufacture and sale of counterfeit electrical products involves the whole industry. Electrical distributors, being the primary access point by which legitimate product moves from the manufacturer into the installer’s hands, are uniquely important in attempts to win this fight. Electrical manufacturers are cautiously hopeful that real progress on this front is finally being made.
The Standards Bearers

The electrical industry’s rolling cache of structured product data, the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), is a monumental piece of work that’s been built and expanded over more than a decade.

Top 200 Electrical Distributors of 2013 Article | Electrical Wholesaling Magazin
Top 200 Electrical Distributors of 2013 Article  2
Electrical Wholesaling’s annual ranking of the largest distributors of electrical supplies is more than just a listing of the companies with the highest sales volume, Since Andrea Herbert, the magazine’s late chief editor, started compiling it back in the late 1970s, the Top 200 listing has proven to be an accurate reflection of the market as a whole.
Electrical Wholesaling's 2012 Top 200 Electrical Distributors: Analysis & Commentary
2012 got off to a strong start for many Top 200 distributors.
Revolution on the Road: LEDs Reshape How Municipal Lighting is Sold
In cities all across the United States, LED fixtures for roadway and street lighting, parking garages and parking lots are lighting up the intersection where new technology meets new sources of funds.
Your Digital Domain: Digital marketing in the electrical industry
One of the odd constants in the electrical industry is that people involved in any new technology tend to think the rest of the industry is made up of
Industrial Partners
Kaman Industrial Technologies (KIT), the industrial distribution business Kaman Corp. has built up in recent acquisitions of Minarik, Zeller Electric
There Will Be Growth
To align your business with what your customers are expecting from the year ahead, the best bets will be to focus on energy-efficiency, safety, and labor-saving
Your Disaster Checklist
It's hard to look at a disaster like Superstorm Sandy without wondering how your company would respond in similar circumstances. There are disasters you


10 Trends Now Shaking the Electrical Industry Webinar

10 Trends Now Shaking the Electrical Industry Webinar

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
The North American electrical wholesaling industry is being rocked by mergers & acquisitions, advances in technology, new competition from offshore and an uncertain economy. In this 60-minute webinar, Electrical Wholesaling Chief Editor Jim Lucy will discuss the changes in the electrical market now having the most impact on electrical distributors, electrical manufacturers and independent manufacturers’ reps....More
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