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Executive Editor,
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Doug has been reporting and writing on the electrical industry for Electrical Wholesaling and Electrical Marketing since 1992 and still finds the industry’s evolution and the characters who inhabit its companies endlessly fascinating. That was true even before e-commerce, LED lighting and distributed generation began to disrupt so many of the electrical industry’s traditional practices.
Doug earned a BA in English Literature from the University of Kansas after spending a few years in KU’s William Allen White School of Journalism, then deciding he absolutely did not want to be a journalist. In the company of his wife, two kids, two dogs and two cats, he spends a lot of time in the garden and the kitchen – growing food, cooking, brewing beer – and helping to run the family coffee shop.

California Code: The impact of Title 24 
California's Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, generally known as Title 24, are moving the needle on product development and sales of lighting and controls for commercial and residential construction nationwide.
Omni Cable Breaks the Mold 
Setting up Omni Cable as an authorized channel for breakers addresses an age-old conundrum in the electrical market, where distributors occasionally have a legitimate need to supply customers with a brand they’re not authorized to carry.
Warehouse Wizardry 
As technologies for handling materials begin to incorporate the promises of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), new tools promise to make life more magical for the wizards in your warehouse.
Homes Get Smart 
In earlier visions of smart homes, it looked like electrical distributors could be key players in bringing the systems to market. That’s no longer the way it looks, but within the build-out of smart home capabilities many areas exist where distributors will have the opportunity to play a role.
Reps Go Big 
At the street level, conversations with some of the reps involved in these consolidations show the driving forces behind the trend and the benefits and challenges of merging rep agencies.
Manufacturers Dig Deep into Industrial Software 

The past year has seen a flourishing of interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) as the latest opportunity for growth in the technology sector. There remains plenty of reason for skepticism about IoT hype in the consumer space — not about whether it will happen but about whether the value it will bring will justify its costs in cybersecurity and the erosion of privacy — but the picture is very different on the factory floor.

Top News Stories of 2016 
EW’s editors had a busy year covering all the news that broke in the electrical wholesaling industry in 2016. Here are our picks for the trends that could shape the business in the years to come.
2017 Market Planning Guide 
The electrical industry is at yet another interesting economic flashpoint. Growth over the past three or four years has been around 3% to 4%, which is at the low end of the historical industry average. And the 3.1% growth rate that distributor readers of Electrical Wholesaling forecast in a recent survey is accurate, we are in for another year of slow growth.
2017 Electrical Outlook by Region 

Electrical Wholesaling's annual Market Planning Guide puts a wealth of regional data at your fingertips and gives you the numbers you need to create a custom forecast for electrical product sales in any of the U.S. Census Bureau's nine geographic regions, down to the metropolitan statistical area.

This gallery highlights the factors influencing growth prospects for each of the regions with links to a more in-depth look for each, including the big projects on the boards or underway and market trends that may affect the region's fortunes over the coming year.

Pride of Ownership: ESOPs in electrical distribution 
Employee ownership alone will not transform your company into Graybar or Border States. But if you have a certain cast of mind, a transition to employee ownership can be a positive way to unify your organization, ensure its continuity as a growing business, and share some of the benefits of ownership more broadly.
Lighting’s Inventory Puzzles 
The wondrous changes brought by LED lighting technology over the past few years also bring with them a fiendish set of puzzles for distributors to solve in terms of inventory.
ATI Takes on E-Commerce 
The company’s experience building its online identity demonstrates that consumer-grade e-commerce can be done by electrical distributors without the resources of a billion-dollar company.
What’s New with the Top 200 Distributors? 
Electrical Wholesaling's annual Top 200 survey is a chance to catch up on more than just sales figures. Take a look at what respondents said is driving their companies' growth.
The 2016 Top 200: Analysis  3
At a time when many distributors would be happy with growth somewhere in the industry’s historical range of 4% to 8%, a surprising number of respondents to this year’s survey expect double-digit sales growth in 2016.


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