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Executive Editor,
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Doug has been reporting and writing on the electrical industry for Electrical Wholesaling and Electrical Marketing since 1992 and still finds the industry’s evolution and the characters who inhabit its companies endlessly fascinating. That was true even before e-commerce, LED lighting and distributed generation began to disrupt so many of the electrical industry’s traditional practices.
Doug earned a BA in English Literature from the University of Kansas after spending a few years in KU’s William Allen White School of Journalism, then deciding he absolutely did not want to be a journalist. In the company of his wife, two kids, two dogs and two cats, he spends a lot of time in the garden and the kitchen – growing food, cooking, brewing beer – and helping to run the family coffee shop.

Smart & Simple
Cree is among the lighting manufacturers partnering with Cisco Systems to make their lighting systems work with Cisco’s Digital Ceiling. To get more insight, we engaged Gary Trott, Cree’s vice president of product strategy, in an e-mail discussion about what networked lighting is bringing to the industry.
The Solar Surge 
This surge of activity will spell opportunity for electrical manufacturers, reps, distributors and contractors. Although the solar market is well along the road to maturity in early adopter markets, the doors to this market are by no means closed to newcomers.
Estimating Opportunity 
A different and in ways more efficient and organic form of electronic commerce has quietly caught on and continues to grow. Contractors’ use of estimating software to streamline the process of building bids has led to a surge in distributor participation.
2016 Market Planning Guide 
The early national forecasts for single-family residential construction in 2016 call for some impressive double-digit growth from a comparatively low level of homebuilding activity over the past few years, but many local markets won’t see anything near that type of residential growth.
A Devotion to Disruption
A visit to the Circuit Breaker Sales (CBS) warehouse in Gainesville quickly dispels the myths about surplus dealers. Here, at least, is a warehouse as organized, conspicuously clean, well-lit and well operated as you’ll find in the best traditional distributors.
Bruisings in Brazil
A confluence of civil unrest, an economy faltering on falling commodity prices and a corruption scandal involving the country’s largest oil company and high-level government officials have turned Brazil, one of the world’s superstar growth markets just a few years ago, into a challenging place to do business.
Copper Culture 
Pricing trends may cause some worries about the value of your wire inventory, but it’s worth remembering that copper has played a much bigger role in human culture than the three-month contract on the London Metals Exchange can convey.
The 2015 Top 200: Analysis 
Along with providing data on the size of their operations, many respondents take the time to answer questions about business conditions, their internal investments and plans for expansion. One of the more interesting areas of commentary in this year’s responses was the variety of views on exactly where the electrical economy is at right now.
Electrical Wholesaling’s 95th Anniversary Salute

To celebrate our magazine’s 95th year, Electrical Wholesaling’s editors decided take a multi-pronged approach that reflects on the past, answers questions about some of today’s most pressing concerns, and looks forward to the future.

Fads Can Fade 
Like most industries of any kind, and human culture in general, the electrical industry over the years seems to pass from buzzword to buzzword as the threat or opportunity of the moment captures widespread attention. But if there’s a rule about these big stories, it would be that they almost never go the way either their proponents or opponents foretell.
Partners in New Light 
How do you determine which suppliers might be valuable long-term partners who can help grow your share of the lighting market and which ones will leave you stranded, or worse, leave your customers with a lasting bad impression?
Opportunities in the Balance 
Further reduction in costs that will drive more widespread adoption will come from soft costs and balance of system (BOS) equipment. Thus considerable attention among solar market analysts and advocates is focused on pushing techniques and technologies that further drive down BOS costs and soft costs of solar. That should spell opportunity for electrical distributors.
Money and the Sun 

As the sun breaks through the clouds, its rays fall on racks of solar panels on rooftops across the neighborhood bringing a surge of electricity onto the grid. As another bank of clouds glides in and the houses return to drawing power from the grid for their occupants’ needs, the utility must have power plants ready to provide that power, and must have systems in place to handle the change.

Point of Sale: Profits Lost?  1
A new study conducted for the National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association (NEMRA) shows that widespread gaps in point-of-sale (POS) data policies and procedures make it difficult for manufacturers’ reps to be correctly compensated for their work, and traces out the causes and implications of the problem.


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