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Since founding DISC Corp. almost 30 years ago, Herm Isenstein has become the premier economist in the electrical wholesaling industry  He worked for 10-plus years with General Electric in market planning and analysis assignments and before that spent more than four years in Tehran, Iran as an economic advisor to the Iranian Oil Operating Companies. His educational background is in economics and econometrics and he holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.

If you have any questions about DISC's subscription-based data services, contact  Herm at 203-799-3673. 

Electrical Forecast 2015: Outlook Mostly Sunny 
The key segment driver for overall industry sales growth this year is the distributor-served contractor market, up better than 6.5%. Next year we expect total industry sales to top $100 billion, a milestone. Industry growth at 8.9% will be the best since 2011.
The Art & Science of Sales Forecasting in the Electrical Market 

The supply of electrical products is not an end in itself. But that’s the conventional way we size this industry, or in fact any industry — in terms of sales or revenues. But is this really the best metric?

That depends on what you are trying to measure. At the most aggregate level, supply equals demand — what distributors sell is what customers buy. (For 2013 it’s about $90 billion). We are talking about distributors as the supply side to the end market customer, not talking about the manufacturer as the supplier.

Riding the Rebound: Herm Isenstein's 2014 electrical industry outlook 
The Great Recession blew a hole in the floor of the electrical wholesale industry. Why are we still talking about that when it was more than four years ago? Because we are still paying a heavy price and the effects are still with us today. In the past four years since the financial crisis, the overall economic environment has not provided the business sector with the confidence to take calculated investment risks and that in large measure explains the slow pace of recovery.
Electrical Market Recovery Underway
Here we are three years into the recovery and electrical industry sales cumulatively are 20% above the bottom of the 2009 downturn. But three years after the 2002 downturn, industry sales stood a full 30% higher than the low point. What accounts for this difference, which is fairly large, and what is our take-away from this experience?
2011 Mid-Year Outlook
The electrical industry overall is now facing better times ahead than at any time during the past two years. Nationally, we closed out 2010 up four percent
The Long Climb Back
It's going to take a while to get back to "the good old days." But it's time to start planning for the recovery.
Not Yet Out of the Woods
While 2010 should be an improvement over this year, it's going to be a tough climb to what may very well be a solid growth environment in 2011 and beyond.
Gut Check
The overall economy continues to be in dire straits and it is taking its toll on the electrical distribution industry. Because industry performance this
A Painful Dose of Reality
While the government's stimulus plan will pump dollars into the U.S. economy, the electrical market probably won't see any economic relief until 2010
Stay Calm in Scary Times
DISC Market Forecast: Looking into the teeth of a widespread economic downturn requires some guts -- and perspective.
A One-Two Punch
With the U.S. financial system under extreme duress, we are overlooking another issue of major concern to the electrical industry.
A Time of Contraction
Electrical distributors, manufacturers and reps have heard the word so frequently in the last few months that they are beginning to expect it to occur
Expect a Change
As we wind up the first quarter, many vendors, reps and distributors are not yet seeing much of a downturn in sales, despite the ominous sounds from Wall
A Tougher Year Ahead - Electrical Wholesaling 07 Nov
Comparing today's economic picture with the previous downturn reveals more differences than similarities
An Uncertain Future for Electrical Distribution
The stock market is on a roller coaster, Wall Street is nervous, and Jim Cramer is second guessing the Fed and Ben Bernanke. So where does that leave


10 Trends Now Shaking the Electrical Industry Webinar

10 Trends Now Shaking the Electrical Industry Webinar 3

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
The North American electrical wholesaling industry is being rocked by mergers & acquisitions, advances in technology, new competition from offshore and an uncertain economy. In this 60-minute webinar, Electrical Wholesaling Chief Editor Jim Lucy will discuss the changes in the electrical market now having the most impact on electrical distributors, electrical manufacturers and independent manufacturers’ reps....More
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