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Chief Editor,
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Jim Lucy has been wandering through the electrical market for more than 30 years, most of the time as an editor for Electrical Wholesaling, Electrical Marketing newsletter and CEE News. During that time he and the editorial team for the publications have won numerous national awards for their coverage of the electrical business. He showed an early interest in electricity, when as a youth he had an idea for a hot dog cooker. Unfortunately, the first crude prototype malfunctioned and the arc nearly blew him out of his parents' basement.

Before becoming an editor for Electrical Wholesaling magazine and Electrical Marketing, he earned a BA degree in journalism and a MA in communications from Glassboro State College, Glassboro, NJ., which is formerly best known as the site of the 1967 summit meeting between President Lyndon Johnson and Russian Premier Aleksei Nikolayevich Kosygin, and now best known as the New Jersey state college that changed its name in 1992 to Rowan University because of a generous $100 million donation by N.J. zillionaire industrialist Henry Rowan. Jim is a Brooklyn-born Jersey Guy happily transplanted in the fertile plains of Kansas for the past 20 years. 

Electrical Wholesaling Top 10 LEDs
EW's Top 10 LED Picks for September, 2016 
Congratulations to the following companies on having their LED products selected for EW's September 2016 Top 10 LEDs: Cree, Duraguard Products, Elemental LED, Forest Lighting, Harvard Technology, NET LED Lighting, Nora Lighting, Orgatech Lighting, U.S. Lighting Products and WAC Lighting.
Times & Trends: Building Your Brand  1
Part of the magic of marketing is realizing the power a devoted employee can have on a brand and a company.
Game Changers 
The Internet of Things (IoT) and the onslaught of LED lighting systems are two game-changing megatrends now transforming electrical manufacturers of all sizes. They are driving a whole new wave of mergers and acquisitions; creating new market opportunities; redrawing the electrical industry’s boundaries and traditional channels of distribution; and introducing new products and players into the market mix.
Top 10 Product Picks for August, 2016 
Congratulations to the following companies for having their products selected as our Top 10 Picks for August, 2016: AFC Cable Systems, Bridgeport, Eaton/B-Line, JESCO Lighting, Lighting Science, Legrand, LEM, Milwaukee Tool,Nora Lighting and Platinum Tools.
EW's Top 10 LED Picks for August, 2016
Congratulations to Access Lighting, Acclaim Lighting, Barron Lighting, JESCO, Lunera, Maxlite, Lighting Science, Nora Lighting, Sigma Luminous and WAC Lighting for having LED products selected for EW's Aug. 2016 Top 10 LEDs.
Times & Trends: The Arc of Technology 
Say what you want about the IoT, it’s rocking the lighting and industrial automation worlds because of its ability to remotely and wirelessly control an awful lot of industrial processes on the factory floor and lighting systems in virtually any kind of building.
10 Great Quotes to Get You Through the Summer
Searching for some motivation to get through the summer? Check out these inspiring quotes from poets, authors, business leaders, politicians and athletes.
Times & Trends: The Right Stuff – Today & Tomorrow 
Today, traditional distributors probably sell more than 70% of all electrical products with a well-known package of value-added services. But will these time-tested services work in the future for electrical products that incorporate IoT-enabled sensors, or the latest LED and solid-state technology?
Battling the Energy Pirates 
Puschnigg looks at the ability to mass control the smart plugs to turn off devices during peak demand periods as a “virtual power plant” that users can utilize to produce savings and lessen the load on the local utility.
Tool Time in Milwaukee 
A key theme of the event can be summed up in three words: Cut the cord. Milwaukee is moving aggressively to shift its power tool portfolio from corded products to its lithium-ion 18V Fuel platform.
What’s New with the Top 200 Distributors? 
Electrical Wholesaling's annual Top 200 survey is a chance to catch up on more than just sales figures. Take a look at what respondents said is driving their companies' growth.
Times & Trends: Lessons Learned from the Top 200 

Hearing about what’s on the minds of dozens of distribution executives from the largest electrical distributors in North America is an education in entrepreneurship that has got to be worth a few college credits from some business school. Each year I learn something new about this business from our Top 200 respondents. Below are the five things I learned while working on this year’s ranking.

The 2016 Top 200: Analysis  2
At a time when many distributors would be happy with growth somewhere in the industry’s historical range of 4% to 8%, a surprising number of respondents to this year’s survey expect double-digit sales growth in 2016.
EW's Top 10 LED Picks for June 2016
Electrical Wholesaling's Top 10 LED Product Picks for June 2016 we showcase products from Beacon Product, EYE Lighting, Cree, Lutron, RAB Lighting, WAC Lighting, Feit Electric, Forest Lighting, Soraa and Litetronics.
Times & Trends: Making Light of a New Situation 
It’s a revolution that will require entirely new inventory management strategies and a serious investment in training to keep up with the constantly evolving world of LEDs.


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