Jim Lucy

Chief Editor
Electrical Wholesaling Magazine

Jim Lucy has been wandering through the electrical market for more than 30 years, most of the time as an editor for Electrical Wholesaling, Electrical Marketing newsletter and CEE News. During that time he and the editorial team for the publications have won numerous national awards for their coverage of the electrical business. He showed an early interest in electricity, when as a youth he had an idea for a hot dog cooker. Unfortunately, the first crude prototype malfunctioned and the arc nearly blew him out of his parents' basement.

Before becoming an editor for Electrical Wholesaling magazine and Electrical Marketing, he earned a BA degree in journalism and a MA in communications from Glassboro State College, Glassboro, NJ., which is formerly best known as the site of the 1967 summit meeting between President Lyndon Johnson and Russian Premier Aleksei Nikolayevich Kosygin, and now best known as the New Jersey state college that changed its name in 1992 to Rowan University because of a generous $100 million donation by N.J. zillionaire industrialist Henry Rowan. Jim is a Brooklyn-born Jersey Guy happily transplanted in the fertile plains of Kansas for the past 20 years. 

Articles by Jim Lucy
The Long Slog Back to Respectability
It's forecasting season, and you can't swat a fly these days with a rolled up copy of the Wall Street Journal without knocking over an economist or two
Your Customers Speak Out
Electrical Wholesaling magazine has a terrific resource that the magazine's editors tap into frequently to get a better sense of what's on the minds of
The Wild World of Global Distribution
As you explore the global distribution market you soon realize some market trends cross all borders. Part 2 of two parts.
Words to Live By
One of the most endearing qualities of the electrical wholesaling industry is that you don't need an MBA from an Ivy League school to know what it takes
The Power of Change
Big-time changes in how we power the world are having a direct impact on the electrical market.
The Wild World of Global Distribution
The surge in acquisitions by distributors and manufacturers touches all shores of the electrical wholesaling industry. Part one of two articles.
For the Love of the Game
One of the electrical wholesaling industry's most endearing qualities is the impact family-owned businesses have on the electrical market each and every
Follow the Leader
Two years ago, who would have thought home building would be the strongest segment of the construction market? McGraw-Hill Construction says spending
Going to School with ESCOs
While the construction and retrofit of K-12 schools this year remains in the doldrums in many markets because of local battles over bond issues, there's
Going More Global
Over the next few months you will be hearing more about an exciting new product EW Global, a quarterly digital publication that will run as a special
Ramblings from the Road
I have been traveling a fair amount over the past few weeks, and while going through my notes from these business trips some interesting themes quickly
Epicor Software Users Meet in Las Vegas
If some of the 3,000 attendees at Epicor's Insights 2012 looked a little wiped out toward the end of the event last month, it probably wasn't because
LightFair 2012 Report
The 22nd annual LightFair was dominated by new LED light sources and lighting fixtures, but new wireless lighting control systems that control LEDs and
Amazon Makes a Splash
Amazon's recent announcement that its new AmazonSupply business would offer industrial and business customers quick-click access to 500,000 MRO (maintenance,
Bright Ideas
New technologies like LEDs, solar panels and electric-vehicle charging stations are finding their way onto distributors' warehouse shelves in ever-increasing


10 Trends Now Shaking the Electrical Industry Webinar

10 Trends Now Shaking the Electrical Industry Webinar

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
The North American electrical wholesaling industry is being rocked by mergers & acquisitions, advances in technology, new competition from offshore and an uncertain economy. In this 60-minute webinar, Electrical Wholesaling Chief Editor Jim Lucy will discuss the changes in the electrical market now having the most impact on electrical distributors, electrical manufacturers and independent manufacturers’ reps....More
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