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Sorting Leads
In the previous article, I talked about the value of prospecting for new accounts. I pointed out the reasons salespeople should constantly be on the lookout
Do You Want to be a Millionaire?
Used intelligently, questions can help put you on the road to millions.Part two of this four-part series shows you how to use the rhetorical, overhead
Every one of your current customers was, at one time, a prospect that is, a potential user of your company's products and services. To convert those prospects
Million Dollar Questions
When used intelligently, questions can help a distributor salesperson succeed in any selling situation.Your actions in the selling situation (what you
The third article in this three-part series focuses on some "sales don'ts."
In trying times, with customer budgets thin and sales volume down, a wise salesperson will set aside sophisticated strategies and concentrate instead
For the most part my articles in this magazine have addressed salespeople and their approach to their profession. Salespeople, however, cannot work in
More selling basics for when sales start to slip.
Salespeople should remind themselves to search for each customer''s psychic needs. The latest selling technique may catch a salesperson''s fancy, but
Ethical Questions in Electrical Sales
In the electrical market, ethical issues arise in virtually every aspect of selling.
When sales start to slip, make sure you aren't backsliding on the basics.
The “basics” of selling are the foundation stones on which the success of sophisticated selling depends. It's imperative that salespeople know as much
Elements of Persuasion -- Part 6
Although bluffing your way through a sales call may add drama to your day, it's not going to get you the sale. By the same token, getting emotional when
Favored Status
Your customer answers on the first ring. Brimming with confidence, you ask if her company has made a decision yet. “Yes, we have. I''m sorry, but this
Practice Makes Perfect
Developing good selling habits takes time and discipline, but it’s essential for the professional salesperson. Learning and exercising good self management
Elements of Persuasion - Part 5
Influencing and changing others' outlooks is part of being a sales person. Many salespeople have a knack for dealing with people, but certain persuasion
The Professional Edge
You wouldn't want a neighbor kid working on your car. So, why would anyone want an unskilled salesperson? If you needed surgery, you wouldn't want a doctor
The Elements of Persuasion
The language that salespeople use can either create-or kill-a sale. Part 4 11. Concede minor points; let the customer be partly right. During the sale,


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