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The Big Picture
How do you handle a tough selling situation? Do you “shoot from the hip,” relying solely on your experience and your ability to read the customer on the
Elements of Persuasion
In almost every facet of our lives, we encounter people who do not agree with us. In many such situations, we eventually find that there's no hope of
The Top of the Heap
No matter what their outward circumstances, your customers will act with some basic perceptions at the back of their minds. Things like, “I will buy from
Essentials 101
Sales Techniques: There's a reason you chose selling as a career. Here's a review of the fundamentals that could put things back in perspective. The first
Knowledge and Attitudes
Part one of this three-part series takes a close look at the knowledge and attitudes necessary to sell well. Selling requires a professional approach.
Part 4: Question Tactics
This final installment of a four-part series shows you how to use the rhetorical, overhead and leading question techniques.There are no surefire rules
Quality Prospects
Too many managers and salespeople think of prospecting as a numbers game. They focus on contacting as many prospects as possible in the hope of occasionally
Elements of Persuasion
To convince a customer to buy, a salesperson must define that person's product needs and problems. Part 2.4. Identify the customer's product or sevice
Trick Questions
Part three of this four-part series examines the echo question, the overstated question and the controversial question.Some seldom-used question styles
Elements of Persuasion 1
Timing your call and encouraging your customers to state their views both are means of persuasion.1. Consider facts that should influence the timing of
Top Priorities
Although prospecting is an important aspect of your work as a salesperson, it is still only one aspect and you cannot let it monopolize your time. You


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