This list is a handy resource when you can't find a company. Many of these brands were once independent companies that have been acquired by larger corporations over the last 20 years. Some of these brands live on, while others are not actively promoted. The brand names are in bold type with the parent following the slash.

A.B. Chance/Hubbell

Abacus Engineered Systems/Schneider Electric


Aetna Insulated Wire and Cable/Marmon Group




Airey Thompson/Wiremold

Alera Lighting/Hubbell Lighting


Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation

Allied Support Systems/Tyco

Allied Tube & Conduit/Tyco

Alpha Wire/Belden

American Cable Systems (ACS)/Tyco

American Electric Lighting/Acuity Brands

American Moulding (Triangle)/Superior Essex

American Power Conversion (APC)/Schneider Electric

American Tube Co./Tyco

AMP NetConnect/Tyco


Anaconda Power Cable (BICC)/General Cable

Anchor Electric/Thomas & Betts


Angelo Brothers/Westinghouse Lighting Corp.

Anglo/Cable Design Technologies

Antique Street Lamps/Acuity Brands

Apache Grounding/Erico

Appleton/EGS Electrical Group

Architectural Area Lighting/Hubbell Lighting

Area Lighting Research/Tyco

Arrow Hart/Cooper Industries

Artesyn/Emerson Electric

Astro Wire & Cable Corp./General Cable

AtLite/Cooper Industries

ATX/EGS Electrical Group

Barcel Wire and Cable Corp./Cable Design Technologies

Belden CDT/merger of Belden and Cable Design Technologies


BICC (formerly Cablec)/General Cable

BIW Cable Systems/Draka USA

Blackburn/Thomas & Betts

B-Line/Cooper Industries

Bothea/MacLean Power Systems

Bowers/Thomas & Betts

Brand-Rex (BICC)/General Cable

Bronzelite/Genlyte Thomas

Brush Fuses/Cooper Bussmann


Buchanan Construction Products/Ideal Industries


Bussmann/Cooper Industries

Cable USA/Marmon Group


Calvert Wire & Cable/Communications Supply Corp.

Canada Wire & Cable (Alcatel Wire & Cable)/Superior Essex

Canlyte/Genlyte Thomas

Cannon Technologies/Cooper Industries

Capital Wire & Cable Corp./General Cable

Capri/Genlyte Thomas

Carandini/Acuity Brands

Caribe GE Wiring Devices/Pass & Seymour/Legrand

Carlon/Thomas & Betts

Carol Cable Corp./General Cable

Catamount/Thomas & Betts

CEFCO/British General Electric Co. (English Electric Fuse Corp.)

Cekan A/S/Cable Design Technologies


Century Tube/Tyco

Cerro Wire and Cable/Marmon Group

CEW Lighting/Simkar

Challenger Electrical Equipment (Westinghouse)/Cutler-Hammer/Eaton Corp.


Chloride Systems/Genlyte Thomas

Chromatic Technologies/Draka USA

Circle A-W/B-Line Technologies

Cole-Flex Corp./Cable Design Technologies

Collyer Insulated Wire (BICC)/General Cable

Color Kinetics/Philips Lighting

Columbia Lighting/Hubbell Lighting

Combined Technologies/Cooper Industries

Communications Supply Corp./WESCO

Computel/Communications Supply Corp.

Concord Semiconductor/Littelfuse

Continental Electric/MacLean Power Systems

Continental Wire & Cable (BICC)/General Cable

ControlThink/Leviton Manufacturing

Controltron/Siemens Energy & Automation

Cooper LED/Cooper Industries

Copperfield/Coleman Cable

Corelite/Cooper Industries

CoVi Technologies/GE Security Inc.

Crescent/Genlyte Thomas

Crouse-Hinds/Cooper Industries

Curlee/EGS Electrical Group

Cutler Hammer/Eaton

Day-Brite/Genlyte Thomas

Dearborn Wire and Cable/Cable Design Technologies

DeCorp. (FlatWire)/Southwire

Devine Lighting/Hubbell Lighting

Diversified Wire and Cable Technologies/Communications Supply Corp.

Dual-Lite/Hubbell Lighting

Eagle Electric/Cooper Industries

Easy Heat/EGS Electrical Group

Edison Fuse/Cooper Industries

Edwards System Technology/GE Infrastructure

EFI Electronics/Schneider Electric

Electroline Manufacturing Co./Thomas & Betts

EFI Electronics/Schneider Electric


Elliott Electric Manufacturing Corp./Thomas & Betts

Emco/Genlyte Thomas

Entertainment Technology/Genlyte Thomas

Entrelec/ABB Inc.

EPE Technologies/Schneider Electric

Essex Electrical Products (building wire)/Southwire

Essex Power Cable (BICC)/General Cable

ETP/EGS Electrical Group

Ettco Wire and Cable/Marmon Group



ExceLine/Genlyte Thomas

E-Z Code/Thomas & Betts

Fail-Safe/Cooper Industries


FCI Connectors/Bain Corp.

Federal Hose (AFC)/Tyco

Fibertron Corp./Communications Supply Corp.

Fibre Light/Genlyte Thomas


Forecast/Genlyte Thomas


Furnas Electric Co./Siemens

Furseweld/Thomas & Betts

G&H Technology/Cooper Industries


Gardco/Genlyte Thomas

GC Thorsen/Katy Industries

GE Power Fuse/Ferraz Shawmut

GEC Alsthom/Ferraz Shawmut

Genesis Cable/Honeywell

Genlyte Group Inc./Philips Lighting/Royal Philips Electronics NV

Georgia Pipe/Tyco

Gleason Reel/Hubbell

Glynwed Metals/Tyco

Gotham/Acuity Brands

Gould Shawmut/Carbone Ferraz

Grasslin Controls Corp./GE Consumer & Industrial

Great Northern Wire and Cable/Communications Supply Corp.

Hadco/Genlyte Thomas


Halo/Cooper Industries

Hanover Lantern/Genlyte

Hawke International/Hubbell

Hazlux/Thomas & Betts

Heinrich Industrie/Littelfuse

Helix/HiTemp Cables/Draka USA


Holophane/Acuity Brands

Homac Manufacturing/Thomas & Betts


Horizon/Genlyte Thomas


Hyde Park Electronics/Schneider Electric

Hydrel/Acuity Brands

HydroCom International/MacLeanPower Systems

HydroCom International/MacLeanPower Systems

Hyundai Explosion-Proof Electric Co./Cooper Industries

Infrared Solutions/Fluke

Intech Cable/Belden

Interlink Technologies/Wiremold

Invensys Building Systems/Schneider Electric

Io Lighting/Cooper Lighting

IPC Power Resistors/Post Glover IPC Resistors

Iris/Cooper Industries

John Maneely Co./Carlyle Group

Joslyn Hi-Voltage & Power Solutions/Thomas & Betts

Joslyn Manufacturing LLC/MacLean Power Systems

Juno Lighting/Schneider Electric


Kalvico Corp./Schneider Electric

Kearney/Cooper Industries




Kim Lighting/Hubbell Lighting

Kindorf/Thomas & Betts


Korns cable clamps/Robroy

Kuhlman Electric Corp./ABB

Kurt Versen Co./Hubbell Inc.

Kyle/Cooper Industries

Lamson & Sessions/Thomas & Betts

Laribee Wire (Triangle)/Superior Essex

LED Lighting Fixtures/Cree Inc.

Ledalite/Genlyte Thomas

LEM Instruments/Fluke

Leroy Somer/Emerson Electric


Liberty Wire & Cable/Communications Supply Corp.

Lightguard/Genlyte Thomas

Lightolier/Genlyte Thomas

Lite-Energy/Genlyte Thomas

Lithonia/Acuity Brands

Lumark/Cooper Industries

Lumec/Genlyte Thomas

Lumec-Schreder/Genlyte Thomas

Lumiere/Cooper Industries

M. Stephens Manufacturing/Intermatic

Magnecraft (industrial relays)/Schneider Electric

Major Liting/Cooper Industries

Manhattan Electric Cable/Cable Design Technologies

Mark Lighting/Acuity Brands

Marrette/Thomas & Betts

Mar-Tek/Ideal Industries

Matrix/Genlyte Thomas

McGill/EGS Electrical Group

McGraw-Edison/Cooper Industries

McPhilben/Genlyte Thomas

Merlin Gerin/Schneider Electric

MetalOptics/Acuity Brands

Metalux/Cooper Industries

MGE UPS Systems (small systems business)/Eaton Corp.


Midwest Plastic Fabricators/Picoma

MIPCO/Thomas & Betts

Modicon/Schneider Electric

Modular Wiring Systems/Cooper Industries

Moeller Group (Kloeckner-Moeller)/Eaton Corp.

Moeller Group/Advent International

Mohawk/Cable Design Technologies

Moldcast/Hubbell Lighting

Murray Feiss Imports/Quality Home Brands Holdings

Myers Electrical Products/Cooper Industries

Myrio Corp./Siemens AG


Neer/EGS Electrical Group

NEK/Cable Design Technologies

Nelson Enclosures and Controls/EGS Electrical Group

Nelson Heat Trace/EGS Electrical Group

Neo-Ray/Cooper Industries

Nevada Western/Thomas & Betts

Norcross Safety Products/Honeywell

Nortel Communication Cable/Cable Design Technologies

NOVA/Cooper Industries

Novar/Honeywell International

Novitas/Cooper Wiring Devices


Ocal/Thomas & Betts

Ohio Brass/Hubbell

Omega/Genlyte Thomas

Omnex Control Systems/Cooper Industries

On-Q Technologies/Legrand

Opcon/Eaton Corp.



O-Z/Gedney/EGS Electrical Group

Paladin Tools/Greenlee

PCore Electric Co./Hubbell Inc.

Peerless/Acuity Brands

Pentech/MacLean Power Systems

Phelps Dodge Cable International Corp./General Cable

Philadelphia Insulated Wire (PIW)/General Cable

Portfolio/Cooper Industries

Pos-E-Con/Thomas & Betts

Post Glover Resistors/Post Glover IPC Resistors

Power Measurement Inc./Schneider Electric

Powerline Communications Inc./Cooper Industries


Prescolite Life Safety/Hubbell Lighting

Prescolite/Hubbell Lighting

Pringle Electrical/Eaton Corp.

Progress Lighting/Hubbell Lighting

Pulsar Technologies/Ametek


PW Eagle/J-M Manufacturing

PW Industries/Cablofil (Legrand)

Raceway Components/Wiremold


Raffin Electric/ABB


Raydex/Cable Design Technologies


Red Dot/Thomas & Betts

Regal/Bridgeport Fittings

Regent/Cooper Industries

Reiker Industries/Pass & Seymour

Reliable Power Meters/Fluke

Reliable Power Products/MacLean Power Systems

Reliance Electric/Baldor Electric

Reynolds Metal aluminum cable business (BICC)/General Cable

Roam Secure/Cooper Industries

Robicon/Siemens Energy & Automation

Royal Electric (Triangle)/Superior Essex

RTE/Cooper Industries

Russellstoll/Thomas & Betts

Safran/General Cable

Saftronics/Emerson Control Techniques

Sea Gull Lighting Products/Quality Home Brands Holdings

Security Lighting Systems/Hubbell Lighting

Seminole Tubular (John Maneely Co.)/Carlyle Group

Shakespeare Composite Structures/Genlyte Thomas

Shamrock/Thomas & Betts

Shaper Lighting/Cooper Lighting

Shrink-Kon/Thomas & Betts

Siemens Electromechanical Components/Tyco

Sierra Electric/Pass & Seymour/Legrand

Slater Electric/Pass & Seymour/Legrand

SMC Electrical Products/Eaton

Sola/Hevi-Duty/EGS Electrical Group

Southern Monopole & Utilities Co./Thomas & Betts

Southwest Wire and Cable Inc./Communications Supply Corp.

Spaulding Lighting/Hubbell Lighting

SpecLight/Acuity Brands

Sportsliter Solutions/Hubbell Lighting

Sprecher+Schuh/Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley)

Square D/Schneider Electric

Sta-Kon/Thomas & Betts

Steel City/Thomas & Betts

Steelcraft Industries/ALP Lighting Components

Sterner/Hubbell Lighting

Stonco/Genlyte Thomas

Streetworks/Cooper Lighting

Strongwell Lenoir/Hubbell

Superior Essex/LS Cable Ltd.

Superstrut/Thomas & Betts

Sure Power Industries Inc./Cooper Industries

Sure Test/Ideal Industries

Sure-Lites/Cooper Industries

Sylvania (Osram)/Siemens

T.J. Cope/Tyco

Tamaqua Cable Products/Draka USA

Taylor/Thomas & Betts

Tektronix/Danaher Corp.

Telemecanique/Schneider Electric

Tensor Corp./Catalina Lighting

Texas Instruments controls division/Siemens Energy & Automation

Thepitt Manufacturing/Cooper Industries

Thomas Lighting/Genlyte Thomas

Tomstar Controls/Pass & Seymour


Translite/Genlyte Thomas

Triangle Wire & Cable/Superior Essex

Tyco Electronics Power Systems/The Gores Group

Ty-Fast/Thomas & Betts

Ty-Rap/Thomas & Betts

UltraSIL/Cooper Industries

Unenco/Hubbell Lighting


Union/Thomas & Betts


Unity Manufacturing/Hubbell Inc.

Universal Lighting Technologies/Matsushita Electric Works

Vari Lite/Genlyte Thomas

Versa-Trak/Thomas & Betts

Visual Networks/Fluke

Walker division of Butler Manufacturing/Wiremold

Watt Stopper Inc./Pass & Seymour

WaveTek LAN division/Ideal Industries

West Penn Wire/Cable DesignTechnologies

Westinghouse Electric Corp./Cutler-Hammer/Eaton Corp.

Westinghouse lamps/North American Philips (now Philips Lighting)

Westwire Co. (Triangle)/Superior Essex

Wheatland Tube (John Maneely Co.)/Carlyle Group

Wheelock/Cooper Industries

Wide-Lite/Genlyte Thomas



Woods Industries Inc. (Katy Industries electrical products business)/Coleman Cable Inc.

WPI Interconnect Products/Cooper Industries

Zed/Genlyte Thomas

Zinsco/Thomas & Betts