The Castle Museum, photo courtesy of Acuity BrandsAcuity Brands, Atlanta, tells us the Castle Museum in Saginaw, Mich., is now lit with 19 of its Lithonia Lighting LED flood luminaires. Said the Acuity release, “The museum partnered with Saginaw Sees the Light, a local organization devoted to illuminating Saginaw’s architectural treasures, to showcase the facility’s historic architecture.”

The LED floodlights give the 40,000-square-foot facility a definitive nighttime presence using only 41W per fixture, which means the Saginaw Museum can now be illuminated for less than one dollar per night.

“The fixtures are perfect because they are barely noticeable, and the real true spotlight is on the architectural features of the building,” said Ken Santa, the Castle Museum’s president and CEO. “We were thrilled beyond belief. The lighting significantly enhances the historic architecture and makes it possible to enjoy it 24-hours a day.”