Affiliated Distributors (AD), (Wayne, Pa.):David Kinsella, formerly director of Supplier Relations-US Electrical Division was promoted to vice president of Supplier Relations-US Electrical Division for the distributor buying/marketing group.John Eggleton, president-US Electrical Division, said in a release that, “Dave joined AD in July 2008 and has done an exemplary job working with our supplier community to strengthen relationships with AD and our market-leading independent electrical distributors.”

David Kinsella, Affiliated DistributorsKinsella’s background in the electrical industry includes tenure with AD Preferred Suppliers, Intermatic and Hubbell-Killark and seven years at an electrical distributor giving him a wide breadth of experience and channel knowledge.

Also according to Eggleton, “This promotion is in recognition of Dave’s tenacity, value to the organization and his accomplishments.”