Lighting manufacturer Bulbrite, Moonachie, NJ, hosted a company-wide Bike Building Contest resulting in the donation of five children’s bicycles to the town of Moonachie and children in need. All Bulbrite employees were divided into five interdepartmental bike building teams. Each team set out to build a bicycle by hand and then create a commercial for the bike. With popcorn and snacks ready, all the videos were aired at a company-wide viewing. The winner was voted on and announced at the April monthly company meeting.

Bulbrite said the Bike Build was an opportunity for team members to interact and build deeper working relationships with each other. Bulbrite prides itself with creating a work environment where people enjoy coming to work.  “It isn’t just about getting the work done, it is also about building friendships that last,” said Andrew Miller, marketing communications manager.

Team “Cool Beans” won this year’s Bike Build event with a funny and original video based on a famous infomercial spot. The commercials pushed the staff to tap into unused talents. The bikes have all been donated to the municipality of Moonachie, where they will go to children in need.