Toolmaker Greenlee, Rockford, Ill., continues to expand its Professional Tool Specialist program with the launch of three additional trucks and trailers. The new vehicles will allow Greenlee specialists to provide services to end users, such as tool demonstrations, joint sales calls, technical support and safety presentations.

“We launched our Professional Tool Specialist program over a year ago,” said Matt Sisco, vice president of sales for Greenlee. “Since then our three vans have been so popular that we decided to add three heavy-duty trucks and trailers, so we can present an even wider selection of products to our end users at their jobsites.”

Greenlee trucks and vans visit electrical and utility companies and contractors, as well as linemen, electricians and various nonresidential facilities to conduct hands-on product demonstrations, safety talks, and best practice presentations. These value-added services are intended to foster deeper collaboration with Greenlee’s distributor partners and drive brand preference with trade professionals.

The three Greenlee vans are equipped with larger Greenlee products such as cable pullers, conduit benders, and its Gator brand battery tools. Demonstration vans and trucks are driven to jobsites by Professional Tool Specialists — former electricians, linemen and industry professionals employed by Greenlee.

Greenlee Professional Tool Specialists are currently located in California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Texas. Six additional U.S. areas will be added throughout 2013.