In its first year, The Jobber's Salesman ran a column for salespeople entitled, “How I landed the order: Little stories of unusual sales — as told by salesmen.” The column in the July 1920 issue of The Jobber's Salesman, which Electrical Wholesaling was called until 1932, offered some advice from a field salesperson that's just as applicable today as it was 85 years ago:

“It's difficult for me to give the exact way I have landed any order, but the way I land almost all the orders of any value to speak of is by these methods:


Honest representation of the goods in question.


Drafting my proposition so that it is easily understood.


Keeping in direct contact with a proposed buyer until the order is placed.


Gaining and holding the confidence of dealers with whom I am in contact.


Realizing that honesty is the best policy, and by giving everyone a square deal.

I have secured many large and profitable orders by following the above.”