Ever wonder which cities and towns are adding the most population? It’s actually a pretty important economic indicator to track, because every new resident contributes to the local economy in some way. They all require new products and services of some sort, and that’s good news for the electrical market. Along with needing new places to live, they need places to shop, got to school or church, eat, gas up their car and go to the movies. That means new market potential in the construction and retrofitting of buildings loaded with electrical equipment for electrical distributors, reps, electrical manufacturers, electrical contractors and other buying influences.

Electrical Wholesaling's Top 100 Metros Stars in Population Growth on the map below all enjoyed population increases between 2010 and 2015 of at least 5.9%, more than two percentage points over the 4.1% population growth the United States saw as a whole. Leading the pack with an amazing 27.3% percent increase – and 25,471 new residents - was The Villages MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) in Florida, a retirement community that has enjoyed explosive growth over the past few years.