Who said LED lights must have some sort of socket? The RagLite, still in the prototype phase, will use fabric-mounted flexible LED strips to provide lighting for all sorts of field applications, including studio lighting, construction sites and other outdoor activities. Its inventor, Chad Soderholm (right, in photo) and lead engineer, Sin Cohen, are promoting the Raglite through kickstarter.com to get assistance in funding production runs. They say in this video and on www.theraglite.com that the final version of the product will be made with a tough, flexible fabric, have a rechargeable battery, and will be equipped with all sorts of grommets so it will be easily attachable in the field.

The company is based in Chicago and its team have their roots in the lighting end of the film industry, but Soderholm and Cohen are convinced The RagLite will wow construction workers, auto mechanics, campers and other outdoor enthusiasts and anyone else with the need for a flexible light source that they can easily hang or attach to things on the set, workplace, job-site or camp-site.