Distributor Information Services Corp. (DISC), Orange, Conn.,  today introduced ZIPLines, a new data tool that provides a detailed view of trade activity within the $90 billion electrical distribution industry at the most geographically definitive level ─ by zip code.

ZIPLines is the newest market intelligence offering from DISC’s MarketTrack product suite. The company introduced ZIPLines to help electrical distributors and manufacturers more accurately size and predict their product potential and measure demand across vertical markets at the zip code level.

In addition to providing the dollar purchases of electrical products by each of 935 industries served by distributors, ZIPLines captures the dollar per employee multipliers, the number of plant locations and the number of employees for each industry in 45,000 zip codes. Bundled with this large database of over three million records is a four-year annual forecast and 6 years of historical data, all updated twice a year.

DISC says distributors can now look ahead to prospect for new business using very specific dollar spend and multipliers as a guide to grow their businesses. The company says ZIPLines enables users to directly manage existing accounts and more accurately measure account penetration, and that the new data tool provides electrical manufacturers with the ability to:

•Track company performance and forecast product potential in vertical markets

•Access short and long range forecasts of end-market product utilization

•Re-align its sales territories at the zip code level with areas of high product concentrations

•Validate existing market information sources

•Sort all data in numerous ways, and access NEMA trading areas.

In a press release announcing the launch, Herm Isenstein, president, DISC Corp., said, “DISC clients have been relying on MarketTrack for years to both validate their own market data as well as access the most critical intelligence and insights concerning the broader competitive landscape. The introduction of ZIPLines presents the most finite and granular view of the landscape for distributors and manufacturers alike so that they may collectively better understand the markets they serve and position themselves for increased growth and profitability.”

For more information on ZIPLines, contact DISC at 203-799-3673 or